Glass bed is nice but sometimes I miss the flex

I made a pretty cool silverware tray that fills an entire drawer and keeps everything nice and organized. My prints tend to focus on functional rather than artistic. Due to size there is a front and back half. The draft version to make sure everything fit where I wanted it (there were modifications needed before I was happy) was done on the 350T. Remove plate, give a little flex and the model popped right off.
Did the final on the Artisan. Glass plate. No flex. Did battle for 15 minutes before I got the thing off the plate. Considered a hammer and chisel but thought that might be a bit extreme. So I endured the battle and eventually got the thing off the plate. Both prints had a generic glue stick applied.
Moral of the story. I like the glass plate but for larger prints the ability to flex the plate worked a whole lot better.