Does anyone know how I can take a MPO file and turn it into a CNC relief?

I’m having a really really really hard time finding something that already does this. And I’m almost to the point of maybe throwing my hands up and saying there isn’t a way at this time. But is there a simple way I can take a MPO file and turn it into a relief?

Like I know I can throw the 2 pictures within into some program that you use to scan objects. But the problem with that is it’s trying to make a full object, and they are use to tens to hundreds of images. I only have 2 to work with (left lens and right lens). And while I had minor sucess in getting something to show up. It really isn’t since the end model looks like like (which came from a 3D image of a women holding a dog)

Or something like this (2 people standing in front of a bush)

Any help on this will be welcomed.