MPO to CNC relief

Real quick for those who don’t know. When taking a picture with a 3D camera, and getting a 3D image. The file you will get for the 3D image is a MPO file. This more than less includes 2 pictures for the left and right.

Anyways, I’m having a nightmare of a time finding a way to do this. but it would be nice to be able to take a picture with a 3D camera, take the mpo file, and make a simple relief based on the file.
Like I’m to the point of looking at using software meant to scan buildings or objects with multiple images. But, the problem with this is the software normally uses a good number of images to do it’s job. And many won’t even try when just using 2 pictures. I’ve looked into how to turn a MPO into a grayscale. But I can’t find a way.

It most likely is asking a bit much for this. But it should be looked into since this would be a very nice feature to have. To be able to simply take a 3D camera, take a picture, and be able to make a CNC carving from the picture.

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