Do Snapmaker 2.0 Devices Have a Webpage?

Select one of the PSH entries.

EDIT: Or if you can, send a command via the console, such as G28, and see if you can filter search for G28 to see which packet carries actual commands.

but doesn`t I need http?

Apparently the Artisan changed from HTTP to a TCP connection. Glancing at the “sm2uploader” github, there’s some “SACP” connector that seems to match what you’re showing here.

So you will likely need to speak with @macdylan, the author of sm2uploader, for more info on connections to the Artisan.

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ok - thxs a lot for your support

Sorry I was limited in what I could do. :frowning:

no - it was very helpful. At least it seems that what I wanted to do will not work. I wanted to get the status into iobroker to get notifications when print is ready or to shutdown the printer after its finished with a WLAN socket.

You do have some cool ideas, lots of people are on the same page with you about having an app/web page for machine. Don’t forget to submit a ticket with future request, they might listen if enough people do this.
SM2.0 and Artisan are perfectly capable of this.

I already opened a support ticket asking if there is an API with Artisan or if they are working on it. Is that what you mean or where to place a feature request?

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The API was never able to do what I needed of it (just monitoring without taking control) and it does not appear that it has ever changed in that respect. So I really have not tried much since those first attempts to see if something could be done.

Ok. Thxs for your response. For me simple things like the actual state would be enough. But it seems the Artisan not even has an http API

Hi @parachvte , It seems the HTTP endpoints have been removed from the machine in the latest firmware, and now the SACP protocol over TCP is used for communication. Is there any documentation on that? I was digging through the GitHub - Snapmaker/Snapmaker-SACP: SACP protocol docs & SDK repo, but it doesn’t seem to depict some operations, for example, obtaining the token?

Thanks a ton in advance for any info. What I’m trying to do is a way to programmatically execute some GCode and get the result, so that I can use those results to generate a mesh file for auto-leveling PCB milling.

Actually, found the detailed docs at
also this file for cura plugin can be a very good example of how to connect over SACP:


Artisan VS Snapmaker 2.0?

yes, in their SACP docs, it points out that Snapmaker 2.0 is using HTTP protocol, while Artisan is on SACP over TCP

Did you know that you can get the status of Snapmaker 2.0 with a discover UDP Packet to Port 20054?
This needs no login to the Snapmaker, but it sends you Model-Name, IP-Address and Status (IDLE,RUNNING). I use this to inform my Home Assistant if a job is finished.
I found this example here
Python-Code on GitHub


this is nice. It might be a time to create a dedicated automation thread for home assistant.

And a new version which gets more information from the Web-API, see here: