Snapmaker 2 a350 – laser guide

Run through on how I set up the SNAPMAKER 2 A350 for etching with the 1600mW laser module

I have shared this on Snapmaker Enthusiasts & Users Group



Why not just post it here instead of linking to facebook?

I have Insufficient Permission…

Well then it looks like we’re in a standoff :rofl:

I would be interested but don’t do Facebook. Would you be willing to load it here or provide a DropBox link?

Here it is uploaded to Dropbox

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Regarding your instructions to send via wifi and then hit the play button in Luban, I do not believe that is the correct sequence. After you send via wifi I believe you would then start locally at the touchscreen? unless something has changed in the last few firmware revisions…

Playing from within Luban is a separate functionality than the send via wifi function. Playing from within Luban requires your computers to stay connected to the machine the entire time. Starting from the touchscreen allows you do disconnect your computer.

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You can do either, and i have been disconnected from the unit and the print completed because i sent the file across. To day i have not had an issue with the method i used, but i am happy to look into this and update the guide.

It was more created because myself i like having things written down, and also the Video well its great but to play it over and over is annoying