DLP Printing Kit?

Fundamentally, DLP printers need only a tray to hold the resin solution, a means to pull the structure out of the tray and a UV LED to stitch layers, using slicing software for liquids. Some new products also employ a purple LED lamp to project slices onto the resin tray; helping slicing software match the dimensions of an object more precisely, layer-by-layer.

Snapmaker already has plans for a more stable CNC platform, which would be a suitable starting point. FormLabs also posted an article for an open source WebGL application; designed for easy rewriting using .js script, to enable other companies to test new DLP printers with FormLabs resins…

Even when using the default, small build volume, the enclosure’s acrylic panels should be the right colour wavelength to protect from UV rays outside. Bearing all this in mind, Snapmaker could, conceivably create parts that support DLP print operations.

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Prusa just announced their own resin printer, and it will be Open Source:

Introducing Original Prusa SL1

The upcoming STL files are for teams to make a similar printer layout but, since Snapmaker is a modular platform, there may still be ways to spread out the key components; enabling multiple build volumes.

“their OWN resin printer” ?

“To help us with this huge undertaking, earlier this year I acquired a Czech company Futur3D specializing in resin printing – and their exceptional team joined us at Prusa HQ, bringing over 5 years of experience in this field with them, so we can make the SL1 really awesome right from the start.”