Build my own Module?

I want to build my own module to dispense fluids. It could be used for all kinds of things; dispensing icing to decorate pastries, dispensing glue in intricate patterns, dispensing solder paste on circuit boards.We’re going to need this where I work to lay down silicon seal on an intricate 3D part.
It will be based on this product:

They will sell me just the dispenser without the controller so I just need to build the part that holds it on to the X-axis. SO, I want to just hook this up to the control lines that control the print head stepper. Can I get support from Snapmaker to do this? I’ll need one of the cables used in your axis modules. Do I need any other electronics next to the stepper motor for that interface to work properly?

They tell me the motor is rated for .35 Amps but can be driven with higher current if needed. I’ll get the specs on the motor to know exactly.

@Rainie, who’s your electronics hardware guy or team?

I don’t think I’ll need any special software support. I can treat this just like it’s printing with the print module. I’ll obviously have to create the STL in a careful manner so it just tries to print a single path and not an area or volume.Obviously it doesn’t nead heat for the head or the bed. I’ll have to do something to get it to the right Z height.


I’d like to do this too. Would be nice if they’d publish some specs on the wiring or even sell us these cables and connectors we can use to integrate into our own parts. This system has a lot of potential for third party add-ons.


Just think: Having a module with a camera attached to this- perfectly placing solder paste on dots that you’ve placed on a live video feed or picture that’s taken. Great idea!

I am also interested in a “Module SDK” of sorts.

Thinking back, I believe that I remember a video put out by SM that had shown a sort of collet system used to mount a higher powered router tool to the X gantry. I wonder if SM is going to offer this system as an add-on for the SM2. If- in which they do, you may be able to modify that module! Something to think about!

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I also would like to have such a module for dispensing high viscosity epoxies and conformal coatings. Probably I need an air compressor not sure if the DM - Solder paste and adhesive dispenser can coop with the materials I use due to the high viscosity. In order to reduce the stinging a valve for controlling the open and closing must be added. The material itself requires a bit of pressure to enable dispensing. It would be really nice if Snapmaker released more or less a framework for building your own modules. Nowadays I apply the coatings by hand but this is very though to do. I use the selective conformal coatings when I have PCBa circuits used outdoors. But since I do not want to overcoat connectors its challenging.

There’s a blog entry suggesting there may be some support available for custom modules eventually through an add-on—see