Distributor Technical Support V 1.0

I found this while searching on Google. I am not sure if this was made public available on purpose but given the fact that I found it I will assume this. The Snapmaker staff is of course welcome to delete this topic if this was inappropriate.
For everyone: Please keep in mind that everything that goes beyond the quick starter guide or for what you did not receive an official instruction from your distributor may damage your device and void your warranty. So please treat the provided information with care.
The document is presented as is without warranty of any kind, express or implied. Please contact the Snapmaker support to get proper support for your device if needed.
Why do I share this? I think many would like to get some more in depth background knowledge about their device but don’t want to bother the official support team every time.



Wow, cable pinouts and nominal voltages? That’s the start of a half decent manual.

That should be included as an appendix in the normal manual in my opinion.

Thanks to @dstarke for the kind reminder.

I find it is 3D Jake, one of our distributors in Austria, that published the document.

The intention we made this file is to help our distributors to learn how to troubleshoot the issues and shorten the users’ waiting time.

And users who like to learn more background knowledge of Snapmaker can read it. If they worry about voiding the warranty, please contact Snapmaker support team or the distributor before you do any tests.