Discussion of Snapmaker Artisan Firmware Updates

This thread is for dicussion of the Snapmaker Artisan Firmware Updates.

I noticed that negative values cannot be entered in the settings menu under maintenance for the z offset. This means the nozzle cannot be lowered. this is only possible during a running print.

If I manually move the X-axis to the right in 100, 10 or 1mm increments, then I can do this until the axis blocks mechanically at the stop. The position value counts the steps further and further although the axis does not move further and the motor tries to move further. Doesn’t sound healthy for the mechanics either.

The same applies to the Y-axis when you move it backwards.

I think hardware limit switches are only installed on one side?

Shouldn’t there be a software limit switch on the other side to prevent the axis from moving against the mechanical end?

Installed FW: V2.1.1

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I’m having issue with x offset since I updated the firmware from what came in the shipment (1.2.?) to the latest 2.1.1 and 2.2.1.
The nozzle is too low and scratches the PIE sheet, despite multiple calibrations, including manual ones on the 2.1.1.
The first layer of the prints are always too jagged and too thin indicating low nozzle height. I also hear the nozzle literally scratching the PIE.
Things improve iqf I manually elevate the x hight to 0.5 mm for both nozzles during printing.
Any help is welcome.

same problem when calibrated with the delivered calibration sheet. I calibrate it now with a 0.2mm metal sheet and this works fine.

Hi, I am sorry if this is not the right place (if so please move this reply)!

Is it possible to make firmware/software updates with the artisan without internet connection? (I want to buy the Artisan but it will stand were DEFINITELY no internet connection - only LAN - is available.) Could it be updated with firmware from a USB stick/ connected PC where the firmware is places before? Do you see any other problems with it not having internet connection?


Hi Dassy, Artisan supports to be updated and print via USB flash drives.

Thank you very much!! Then it will be :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: