Design Repository

Snapmaker needs a design repository such as Glowforge and Inventibles. I know it’s nice to design from the ground up with 3D prints and CNC pieces but to have a repository of readily available files that users can upload along with machine settings for specific modules would make this machine and concept stand out for folks just getting into the game. Luban offers a few preset designs but let’s see it grow into a open source repository. Thoughts?

The question is why we would need a Snapmaker-specific repository when sites like Thingiverse, MyMiniFactory, and Cults3D already exist. I’d rather have Snapmaker’s programmers keep their attention on bug fixes than adding marginal features to Luban. Also, having the settings someone else used for a job is often not all that useful, because materials vary so widely and in unexpected ways (like the laser being able to cut one sheet of plywood and not another apparently identical one because the glues used in them were different).

There might be some value in a site that concentrated on collecting CNC files, since those seem to be the most difficult to find premade, but even that would be marginal.

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