Delay for refund?

I asked for a refund, it was promised a refund in 3 days, but I still do not even receive a response.
Could you admin please ask your team to quick answer this kind of request?
I’m a bit worry now.

So did you get a response or not?! You said you received one saying refund in 3 days, then you say no response. I’m confused.

few weeks ago I asked for information about refund and they told me if I need refund it will take 3 days.
I made my request 1 week ago and still no news…

I emailed them a couple days ago, and received reply and refund within 12 hours. I’ve found SM support response times very good in all my dealings.

okayy that’s weird ! I’m more worried now ! maybe they don’t want to refund me xD
anyway thanks for your feedback!

One week is absolutely no big time for snapmaker. Wait two more weeks and ask again. There is Chinese new year soon.

Hi, I’ve told my colleague to address your case asap. :smile: