Defective leveling sensor

I have been using my A350 for over a week now, without any problems until today. Tonight I wanted to re-level the bed after a bad print and suddenly it seems that the leveling sensor doesn’t work anymore.
The machine starts the autoleveling procedure, but the head pushes the bed really deep, to a point that I fear something will break.
I’ve been trying to reset the printer (M503 & M500) and read another topic on this forum Bed leveling sensor broken and found that my sensor actually doesn’t detect the (same) tool when the head is lowering. It just isn’t stopping. Fortunately I have the emergency stop button installed.
Is there anything else I can do? And what next?

If the sensor isn’t detecting anything (led light should turn on when you hold metal close to sensor) contact


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I suppose you’re right. Will do, thanks.

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