Cura and Prusa profiles for SM A350 for other nozzle sizes needed?

I’ve only been printing for about 10 weeks now and just started playing with printing in 0.6mm and 0.8mm. My question is how does this relate to the cura profiles I have already imported into Cura for the snapmaker?

Wouldn’t those profiles need to be setup for that nozzle size?

I’m asking because I printed something in .4, .6 and .8 and I swear that the .6 and .8 were almost identical and I’m not sure why.

If anyone has a good source on this whole layer height and width thing I would love to learn more.

Nozzle size in Cura is ‘line width’

More information on nozzle diameter vs layer height, just found from a quick google search but looks useful.

I don’t believe there is a minimum layer height vs nozzle diameter recommendation, only maximum. Practically though, if you’re using a larger nozzle, typically you wouldn’t be printing extremely thin layers for speed reasons.

I guess what I am asking is shouldn’t there be profiles like this: Is there somewhere people share these profiles?

A350 .4mm High Quality
A350 .4mm Standard
A350 .4mm Fast Print
A350 .6mm High Quality
A350 .6mm Standard
A350 .6mm Fast Print

Just change the line width parameter and save as a new profile? No, every possible quality for every possible nozzle size is not available as a set of profiles you can download.