Creating g code from a simple PDF or Word file

Hello brand new user, I am trying to generate a G code so I can CNC a 2in x 2in engraving in a piece of flat aluminum. How do I transfer in Luban or do I need another program first??? Thanks

Need to export as png or svg.
Then you can import into Luban and create from there.
FYI, the SM can’t do more than light engraving(scratching) of aluminum.


Thank you all I want to do is a and engraving should I use CNC or laser?

Laser isn’t powerful enough to engrave aluminum.
The best you can do is remove coatings from it.


So where should I start? I am watching you tube videos etc… going nuts trying to figure out how to start? I just want to begin with a 2in by 2in engraving on aluminum? Is there a tutorial series I can watch? It’s a snap maker 2.0. Thanks in advance

The current laser is too low powered to engrave aluminum. The 8w laser coming out might be able to etch aluminum, we will have to wait and see.

As stated by others, this is not going to be easy, and you are going to have to use cnc. If you search “snapmaker 2.0 aluminum” you will find plenty of videos. At a quick glance Mr.EV seems to have decent videos, as he has come up befroe on the forums, though I personally have not tried his methods.

The snapmaker is not made or rated to cut/engrave any metal, so this will be at your own risk. But people have done it before, just be very careful and expect it to take awhile. I’d do a more in depth search of the forums and facebook page for more information, and to find people that have done it before in order to get more info.

Thank you I am learning patience again. Cheers

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