Create Lithophane

I’m a total newbie. I’ve done a fair amount of printing (versus no CNC and no Laser) but now I want to do a lithophane. All the youtube videos have a file - create - lithophane. I don’t have that. How do I get started? Thanks for any help.

You can generate the STL files here:

I find the “Outer curve” works best for FDM, and in the model settings I like to add a 3mm border. I don’t know why negative image is default, but be sure to go to the image settings and make it positive. You can fiddle around with the quality settings and all, go back to the model page and click refresh, then download. Afterwards, toss it at your printer.

Edit: Make sure to use a brim for best chance of success.


Lithophane Maker is another site that has produced good results for me. Like @Skreelink said, just fill out the form on the page, download the gcode it produces, and toss it at your printer.