CNC Troubles with a purchased Etsy File

Vessel-Front-STL-2.stl (7.4 MB)

I could use some advice. I need to use this thing for more than just a slow 3D printer now that I have a Bambu 3D printer…I bought this file on Etsy. The description says “This file is an 💥editable💥 Vectric Aspire/V-Carve cut file and .stl file that can be used for 3D printing or CNC machining.”

My first question is…can Luban work with this kind of file? No where does it say it’s an SVG, which I thought was required. Second, if it can do it…what bit should I use?

I asked this question above in FB, but all the answers were either above my head or someone said “send me the file” then I never heard from them. It’s a 30 dollar file, and I really want it to work.

When I load it into Luban, it looks horrible on screen. I don’t want to sound like a complete noob, but I wish there was a “treat me like an idiot” guide to making this stuff work.

I need a mentor!

I tried to contact the designer, but he never answered me

I seems to be just a 3D scan of an object and has only surfaces of zero thickness. There is nothing there of substance to 3D print.

This is what it’s supposed to look like…So what you’re saying is that the file won’t carve this image?

If I import the file in Deskproto 7.1, I see this screens.



Deskproto has a Snapmaker postprocessor.

It seems that the file has the 3D info you need.

With an import in a program like sketchup or other 3D program you can make a print of this.

Thank you so much. DeskProto…I’ll take a look at that program!

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