Control Heat Zone in Gcode

i have seen some Threds which asked about similar Functions but didnt dee any Solutions.

I Mostly just use the Inner Zone Heated on my Artisan when printing.

Is there any way to set this in the Gcode or in other way remotly?
I wanna use Luban for the printer control similar like i use it for the Laser.
I generate the Gcode with Lightburn/Orca and then wanna send the File and start the Laser/Printjob form Luban.
Since Luban dosent allow setting the inner Zone only heating im thinking about using a Gcode command.


Snapmaker didn’t release the g-code reference for artisan…
I suggest you tell the why it’s important with ticket

You could test yourself and see if it works

Btw why you print with connection over Luban? Safest and best way would be processing over touchscreen. For me there is no reason for doing this except a “5-Minute-Print”.

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I often have cats in my lap, so I don’t want to disturb them to get up and start a print on the touchscreen.

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It’s been a long requested feature to switch to offline mode when Luban lost connection…