Connectors J1S Fan

Hello everyone, could you tell me where to find on Amazon or other sites, male and female connectors for the rear fan of our J1S? It is a 2-point HY 2.0 type connector, but in France I cannot find it for sale! Thank you to someone from Snapmaker for confirming the connector reference for me. The goal being to manufacture and make available to all users, a system which allows the rear fan to be turned off or controlled at the speed level to reduce the noise which is a big problem on this superb machine, it is well the only fault I find in it. Thank you in advance for your answers. Take care!

Try contacting Snapmaker support. They’ve been able to send me small parts that are not in the online catalog.

Merci pour cette information “TheBum”, mais apres l’aide de Snapmaker et plusieurs recherche j’ai enfin trouver mes connecteurs. Bonnes impressions à toi !

I think you can try searching on sites like Amazon, eBay, or specialized electronic component stores like Digi-Key or Mouser. If you’re unable to find them in France, consider checking international sellers who ship to your location. Snapmaker support to confirm the connector reference can ensure you get the correct parts.

Bonjour à tous, merci pour vos différentes réponses voici le lien pour les connecteurs :

Connecteur d’amarrage à air, prise mâle et femelle, boîtier de prise, assemblage de fil de borne de câble à sertir, HY2.0, 26AWG, 2P, 3P, 4P-12P, 15cm, 10 pièces - AliExpress 13

Pas un seul endroit en France pour vendre ce type de connecteur, donc je suis passer par Aliexpress.