Silencing the J1

Hi All,
I’m starting this thread to collect ideas on how to silence the J1. So far this printer has worked well for me and I did not experience all the clicking and clogging issues others had.
However, I find the printer very noisy, mainly due to the fans. I can’t judge for the stepper motors as the noise is covered by the fans…

Let’s get started with a few questions.

  1. Does anyone knows which fans are linked to the activity of the stepper motors? When the motors are on, these fans are turned on and are very loud. I would like to replace them. Anyone knows where they are located?

  2. Would the replacement of the part cooling fans with 2x5015 be more or less noisy than the stock fans?

  3. Has anyone looked into the electronic part of the printer? Is there a general cooling fan there?

  4. What about the power supply? Any fan there as well?

Looking forward to your ideas.
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Yes, there are at least two fans in the electronics area below the bottom plate, one in the power supply and one behind the opening in the back. I guess one of those increases speed when the steppers are active.

For me the Printer is not loud, much more quiet than my creality or others.
The Funny Part Cooling Fans are the loudest, reason is they are cheap and have thick blades and the decoration fan housing is creating noise too. i put 2x5015 into each extruder. its much better, but i think one is more then enough :slight_smile:

The Fan for the Nozzle cooling also can be replaced to a more quality fan.
On the electronics it will be enough to remove the truss from fan housing but it u have open it so you can put there some NB Black Silent Fans or Noctua. The Winsin dual bearing fans are much more quiet too. You also can Replace the Stepper Driver to TCM2290 or3390 i think.

here a Picture from the cheap Part Cooling Fans from the J1 on the other you see a better Fan thats more quet and has Sharper blades, if you want only change the fan to a similar one

Careful with the heatbreak fan! Take a thorough look at the airflow that one has before replacing it - data sheets are available online, just search for the type number.

E3D uses the same fans (in a variant with even higher speed) for a reason.

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Yes i know. I let the original ones inside. i think its ok, and not too loud.
the 4 5015 blowers make more noise i bet :sweat_smile:

The ones from Melbro are optimised to be bit more silent. I was surprised how silent they ran when I tested them.
Anyway, the loudest part of the printer is IMHO the stepper / belt noise if the printer runs at the speed it is built for :wink:

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Thanks all for your feedback.
I captured a short video to illustrate the noise level I’m getting. I have used a mobile phone to ‘measure’ dBa. I know this is not a proper method. It’s just to compare the level between the different stages of a print.
I would be interested to know if you all get a similar noise level or if something is wrong with my printer. When I’ll find the time, I’ll make a similar video with my other printer.