CNC testing , bad finish question

I am trying the CNC function for the first time and trying a few things to test .
right now , I have a polyethylene plate 1/2 thick and i am trying to get the unit to just made 2 holes in it and its not really doing it as i would like .
it carves both holes at the same time bit by bit , as it was carving a bird drawing . because of that each hole finish is really not great .
is it possible to control the codes so that , it does one hole at a time , ideally doing the hole size in one motion so that the edge of the hole are well finished .

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Assuming you’re doing it in Luban.
Either do it one hole at a time as separate operations or use a real and actually usable and configurable CAM program like Fusion 360.


Hi there,
I actually do the CAD in fusion 360
do you mean i can do the programming of my snapmaker unit directly from fusion 360 ? if so can you help me set it up?
i am kinda new at it

Year do the CAM in Fusion360, just check this forum for a manual or the website of Snapmaker - they made even a video how to set it up
Fusion360 hast a drill feature which works good for me

well , I have the free liscence and it wont let me even load up the tool . is there a way around ?

If you follow the instructions in the video it should be no problem with the free license

do you have a link to the video , i looked a lot and could not find it

Beginning with Minute 7 they show how to set every thing up

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