CNC settings different from tutorial video

The CNC settings tutorial have additional settings that my Luban software does not have.
For example: I created a text object inside Luban, and set its size and font. I center it on the axis grid, X 0,Y 0.
In the Luban software, I set it to “Snapmaker Original” with the CNC unit. I successfully connect via USB cable.

In the Edit window, under the configuration tab on the very right, there is NO “Relief / Vector / Text” option, only Transformation, Text, and Actions settings.

I set my origin point manually with the control pad, and set it to the center of my workpiece, and click “set origin” and the pad aknowledges this.

I run the path, and the router bit successfully goes around the perimeter of my text size, all along the origin Z height, which is just barely above the workpiece, 0.1mm, calibrated with your calibration card.

Then, I create the G Code, export the G code file, import it into the Worskpace of the Luban software. I see the text there, and it is aligned properly. The CNC bit is 0.1mm above the work piece, set in the center as its origin.

Then, when I press play, the CNC unit goes up along the Z axis, about 10mm, then begins to do the work, ABOVE THE WORK PIECE. It goes up and down in the air, as if the work piece was 10mm above where it actually is. SO it ends up carving thin air, instead of the piece.

Settings in the Workspace:
Machine coordinates = 0,0,0
Work coordinates = 0,0,0

What am I doing wrong here?

It is also resetting its origin point every time it is run. never ever goes back to the manually set origin point I set.

Why is that happening?

So I started a new empty Luban project, created a new text object, “Snapmaker” which is the default. Set the origin point to center of the work piece and 0.1mm above it.
Using the Luban software movement commands, on the lower right of the window. Set the origin point there as well.
Then began carving. It did make the letter S outline, but then promptly rose up 10mm or more in the air to continue carving thin air, and not the wood piece. It let it run for about one full minute, and each time it changed X and Y coordinates, it would also rise along the Z coordinate as well. At the end of one minute of running the program, it was some 20mm above the origin point, and still indicating it was progressing fine withing the Luban software.

After stopping, it again does not know the original origin point. When I press “go to origin point” in Luban, it stays still, does not move at all from where it stopped mid program.

This is not good.

Downloaded the driver, installed it. Now I have two ports, only one of which works. So I will uninstall the separate port driver.

Ran the default Snapmaker test again: Setting the origin point from within Luban.
It actually got to the third letter, a before rising up on the Z axis again some 10mm, and subsequently rising a few millimeters for each subsequent letter.

The text is under the axis, in the negative Z positions, for the depth total of 5mm. When I click on the “go to work origin” button in Luban, it does got to the X and Y coordinates, however it remains at whatever Z coordinate it was stooed at, not going back down to the correct one. Also, it was a different measurement reported this time, -42.15mm, than the previous origin set point of -13.7mm, however the work piece is exactly in the same position, has not moved at all.

I suspect this machine is simply not keeping the Z coordinate settings.

Next, I will try to update its firmware. How can I see which firmware it has? When I turn on the machine, it does not report a firmware version on boot, unlike nearly all machines I have ever encountered doing so.

Another note: Every single time, I have to set the port, and then manually connect. Where then Luban says: “Oops, Snapmaker Luban doesn’t recognize your device”, every single time.

Is this the real issue? How can a company make hardware and software that does not recognize each other? Really?

Anyways, I click on the correct device, Snapmaker Original, and CNC unit, and then it connects.

Ran it one more time, all default settings, manual setting of the origin point etc.

The only difference was that I turned off the machine, removed the cable going to the enclosure door detector.

AND NOW IT WORKED. Made the entire word “Snapmaker” with zero issues.

Go figure. Apparently, that part or its cable was interfering with the Z coordinates changing.

I will not be using that sensor, maybe it is broken, or the cable is. Either way, I cannot be having it interfere with the operation, and I am not concerned about opening the doors when using the laser or the CNC, as I always have it closed anyways.

I still have no idea where to look for the firmware version. Any ideas anyone?