CNC Rotary Module - Origin problem

Hi all,

I recently recieved my rotary module and wanted to just carve a text in to a wood cylinder. But I don’t get it. Everytime the cnc module is going into my part.

I bougt some custom cnc router bits and chose a 1,2mm diameter with a cut length of 6mm. I want to carve “THIS IS A TEST” into a 80mm length and 40mm diameter wood. I ran the origin assistant and finished it properly.
Luban and the firmware are up to date. I am directly connected to the Snapmaker 2.0 with USB.

I attached two images. One picture of my bit and the wood piece. Other of luban software.
As I see, the first position to ran to is the tailstock center. But such a short bit will obviously never arrive, because the module is pressing the wood piece down.
How can I define where the origin should be? I think origin at tailstock center is not a nice idea… because there is the tailstock…
In few snapmaker vids you can see the carving is started not on the tailstock center. But how can I define that in luban?

I see in luban is a job menu, where it should be possible to define the origin, but it is greyed out on “center”:

As I bought a F350 and had to buy the CNC module as spare part, I have no original bits of snapmaker and just a few custom ones.

Please give me an advice.

I set origin +30 Z to show you. Video attached.

As you can see it will start at the tailstock center.
For sure I can define the wood part few cm longer and then this will maybe work. But I think there is a simple answer how to tell snapmaker that my origin is not the tailstock center but a point on the wood piece.

Are you using Origin Assistant from the touchscreen?

I used the origin assistant and later also the manual set x/y/z/b inside the run assistant.
The problem is not the defining of the part. I want just to define a different start point. Not the tailstock center.

I think it is equal to this: When setting the work origin - #2 by albutch

I configured the piece now 5cm longer and set the origin to a virtual center point 5cm in front of the piece. And now it works. But it is a dirty hack and no solution.

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I have exactly the same problem. Everything works fine with the laser, but not with the CNC module. for me it’s the other way around, when I determine the working origin as prescribed, it cuts exactly the difference to the tailstock point in the air. If I set it to the tailstock center, it works.

But I think our problem is nearly the same. We want to free define the start point for cnc in rotary module.
Anyone other here where the combi of rotary module and cnc is working?

My hardware is a F350 (A350T) with newest firmware. Cnc module is of an older A350.

I have now switched to laser and this is much better. The origin should be on the center, but on top of my piece. Here it is no problem to navigate to and start the job.
Did some nice egg cups engraved and worked perfectly. Disappointing that the start work origin is not configurable in “Jobs setup” in Luban.