Carving with Rotary Module doesn´t work

Does anybody has already experiences with the rotary module ?

I wanted to make one of the samples that came along with the LUBAN 3.15.
Although in the meanwhile I have good experienes with 3 axis CNC, I followed the tutorial video on YouTube plus the step by step Edwins tutorial for CNC with rotary module, I had no success.

The work origin for Z was set to a slight contact to the epoxy surface, and Z depth was set to the material radius 17.5mm. After starting the job, the Z axis was moving upwards and the V bit was moving above the material.
When I am looking into the gcode file, I notice , that the Z steps are mostly positive, whereas in the gcodes for 3 axis CNC the Z steps are all negative.
So the question is, why Z is positive respectively , why Z is shifted upwards.

your help is highly appreciated

I did the tutorial only, this for 2 times. One time with epoxy the other time with wood.
Different step-downs each material.

I saw no problem with the process at all.
From my generated gcode i see that the work origin is 0|0, this means the middle and top of your work piece is the work origin.
Z and B is the carving movement.

This means in machine language half of your work piece diameter is the work origin (2x X-Axis, 1x Z-Axis) and the top you selected is work origin (Y-Axis).

Did you set the work piece diameter right?

Hi Chris,

if you walk through the recommended origin assistant, than you touch with the shank the 35mm contour left and right for x1 and x2 and the front plane for y.

For Z you are guided to the top of the outer contour. This setup is saved as origin.

Same in the tutorial video. It is said, that there is no need for a new definition , when there is no geometrical change. So after starting a new job and press go to origin, the head moves exactly to this position, yippieh. This is than the starting point for carving.

In which step, the radius 17.5 has to be put in ? The only information the machine has, is the diameter 35.

In Luban the work origin is X0/Y0 at the end of the Y axis of the material, but in real this is only a calculated point, because you can’t start inside the material. But it looks like the head movement is 17.5mm too high.

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