CnC cutting for enamel pins

Hello people of the forums! Coming at you with another topic of concern, as I’m looking to getting into making small enamel pins at home using the snapmaker machine.

This will be my first time using the Cnc module whatsoever, as well as my first time using Cnc at all. I know that heating is an issue with the material I’m wanting to mill out, and it’s not officially supported on the spec page.

I’m looking specifically at 1100 aluminum, as it’s one of the softest, purest forms of aluminum that I believe I can get my hands on. Do you believe that the Cnc head would be able to mill out some of this aluminum after brushing it with lubrication to help reduce friction? Maybe standby with a vacuum to clean up the excess material? I’d like a decent depth of 3 to 4 mm but from what I’ve seen, I’m starting to think that this might not be possible with the lack of power/rigidity of the SM machine.

If that won’t work, is there any material that would be possible to use as a base for enamel pins that wouldn’t break my SM 2.0 A350? Very new to all of this and just feeling around to see if manufacturing these at home would be worth it, or if I should just dish out the physical manufacturing process to someone else after designing the model. Thanks to anyone who responds, I appreciate your time and effort!!

There was a thread last year that had some good suggestions, including settings.

The take aways appear to be go slow, and keep an eye on it.

Thanks so much, I’ll definitely be taking a look into that thread!