CNC Carving Capability Test


@Leonardo Nice example! is that Keyfob laser cut and engraved or CNC’ed?
It looks like 2mm acrylic.
I am thinking of creating a few small curve rulers with engraved logo.


Is ther or not, if so, we need a system to change bits under function.
V carve text, and shift to a ball bit to do some round craving, so do one, go up in Z, hold pause, to shift bit
and do next carve, or something like that :slight_smile:


It would also require resetting the Z origin because the next bit probably doesn’t cut at the same absolute Z height as the previous one. I created a control in Octoprint to move the head to the X,Y origin so that I can set the new origin after adjusting only the Z height. I need that capability when milling PCBs in order for the holes to be drilled in the correct locations after the etching stage.


CNC Project:Maze! Took about 43hours to carve. Gcode was generated by Fusion 360. 3 mm diameter steel ball~

MAZE.step (430.0 KB)



Absolutely fantastic, well done

You are having fun



:rofl: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~