CNC Bracing For Added Rigidity & Other Mods

Finally getting around to posting my thanks for this work. I’ve installed the bracers on the Z-axis and added the rails on the bottom and what an incredible difference it makes.

As a test, I tried milling the Gridfinity 7x7 base into a piece MDF and it’s flat across the entire workspace from corner to corner. No more slop!

The new bracing kit from Snapmaker will let me add the extra bracing to the toolhead and retain compatibility with the quick swap kit so I get the best of everything. I think that the rail solution will still be considerably more effective than the Snapmaker bracing kit on the Y axis so I’m glad that I went ahead on that front.

So with this I’m all set for new 200W CNC module!

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Yep, no amount of bracing of the carriages on the Y axis liner modules will be as effective as supporting the corners of the bed.

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Thanks so much for your design, and others contribution. I acquired a A350 from someone who was upgrading to the Artisan, primairly for CNC only to then read about the movement issues, so I am in the process of acquiring the same Y rails and other printed parts needed to increase stiffness. I have concerns about my mechanical abilities doing the alignment, and not creating additional loads on the existing rails by missaligning something. Any suggestions for us that are not so experienced would be appreciated.
Second I actually just noticed the cross brace do you have a length on it?

@garyj For mounting the rails I highly recommend these: Snapmaker 2.0 350 SBR16 Rail Holder by 3Dingo - Thingiverse as mentioned by @Waterboy in this thread: A350 Linear Guide Rail Mod - #13 by Waterboy

If you’re comfortable with and equipped for drilling and tapping, you can go that route, but these are a simple and effective solution that pretty much auto-align (at least within the tolerances that we can manage)