Circles not round

I had an issue with circles not being cut/printed true round. I replaced the X linear module and that seems to have cured the issue. My SM2 has been running daily for 18 months, so I’m sure there’s some wear and tear. Can the old X module be fixed/adjusted or is it just one of those consumable items?



There have been a couple threads about maintenance

See if either one of those helps you out.

It’s probably not worth the effort, only to realize it’s worn out. I’m just looking for some input if these things do actually just wear out eventually.

I got my Original back in 2018. I’m a low volume printer, maybe a couple prints per mount. Aside from retrieving things I’ve dropped into the unprotected rails, it’s still going strong. The V2 was redesigned to cover the openings to prevent dust and debris from getting inside. If anything, I would expect more longevity from the V2 rails. It seems that most of the hard code printers that started with the V2 A models upgrade their rails to the T models, so I’m not sure we really have a lot of info yet.

Looking at the pictures again, I’m thinking that axis might just have a bit of play in it. If you grab the mount and wiggle it, it should move. If you can wiggle it back and forth, it could be

I’ve seen it a few times on the forum, but not terribly often. The above procedure is a bit finicky, and can damage the rail if done incorrectly (particularly the limit switch called out in step 3).

My printer is in use avg 8 hours a day for 18 months. I’m sure it’s just worn out. And honestly, the cost in time to just swap it out is probably much less than trying to clean and adjust it.

I may disassemble it using that guide at some point. Just to see how it looks inside.

What you are showing is backlash. The anti-backlash part in the Linear Modules is nylon, and can be readjusted, but it will eventually degrade to a point that it can no longer be used. It is a replaceable part, but you can only get them by contacting Snapmaker Support. You need to be extremely careful when replacing it though, as it is very easy to accidentally destroy other parts.

just have to point out, does anyone else think of Smash Bros when they look at the first picture?! haha

While some people have had problems where the bearings or guides have worn out it’s usually just that it’s developed play and needs adjusting. Especially if you’re doing a lot of cnc work. I’ve had to adjust mine a couple times in the 2 1/2 years I’ve had my 350. The procedure is fairly easy and doesn’t take very long. Most of the work is in disassembling the machine itself (especially getting to the y-axis) which you’d have to do to swap out modules anyway. The only tricky and delicate part is the limit switch.