Choosing Between a 3-in-1 with Addons and Configuring Your Snapmaker Machines Freely

Hello Snapmaker owners,

The main advantage of a Snapmaker 3-in-1 printer is its versatility. However, what if we could take this feature to the next level while keeping it affordable? While it’s easy to add and upgrade the machine as you progress in your maker journey, some of you have expressed interest in purchasing the machine with a specific module instead of the limited standard package. This would allow you to better match your needs while reducing both cost and waste.

Various options on the modules and accessories: 2.0/Artisan Linear Module, Single/Dual Extrusion 3D Printing Module, 1.6W/10W/20W/40W Laser Module, 50W/200W CNC Module, Enclosure, Rotary Module, Air Purifier, Emergency Stop Button, and more.

Since many of you have been using Snapmaker machines for an extended period, some even exceeding five years, we would like to hear your opinions on this potential change for ordering the Snapmaker 2.0/Artisan machines. Which purchase setting (one standard package with add-on options OR configuring the machine by yourself) and which configuration do you believe to be optimal and would recommend to your friends and family? :slight_smile:

Feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions under this topic. Thank you!

Showcases that demonstrate the versatility of Snapmaker machines:

This would be really great. Especially since you introduced the big lasers and the next IR one. Why should i buy a 3300€ machine with a 10W laser i don’t want?
I also read few Annonces on marketplaces “sell my snapmaker, laser tried, printed a Lot, never used CNC”. I think it Matches the needs of your customers. Or Like me: i would really buy an Artisan. But i already have dual head and 10W. So would great to buy just the cnc machine with the new platforms for print / laser.

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I personally think that a “configurator” where you can choose your preferred modules would be really great! There are by now so many options, which are partly “redundant” like @Wyphorn pointed out with the laser modules - choosing your specific cost/gain point in the range is very fair.

Admittedly I say this as someone who will most likely never make use of this offer, since I’m a kickstarter backer who has grown with the development over time. Still, If I were to enter the Snapmaker familiy right now, it would encourage me if I had more choices.

To those who might at some point use the configurator I’d extend one recommendation: Get all three workloads: 3DP, Laser and milling - IMHO only as 3-in-1 the Snapmakers show their strengths, and having all this at your hands, may even surprise you and give you new ideas. To give a specific example - this one: Garage remote control case I’d have typically 3D printed, but I got the inspiration to mill it from wood - and I still think of it as the coolest garage remote imaginable :slight_smile: Would not have occured to me if I had not the milling option.


Let me share the feedback from the Facebook group members with our forum users. Thank you all for the quick and valuable feedback!

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I think having the option to just buy the base machine and extend it with the modules you want would be ideal. It gives each user the optimal control, allows you to upgrade and extend whenever you want etc.
It also brings down the cost of the initial purchase. Especially if you’re a new user and not sure yet if you’ll be using all features.
Even more so as the eco-system is getting bigger with the various laser modules, extra dual print module, two versions of the cnc head etc.

Ofcourse, having a "bundle"option available at a price lower than buying everything separately is good too.


Please make a stand alone resin printer. And also a wash and UV lighting station.

Absolutely, a buffet of parts is the way to go.
I don’t need the duplicates I would end up with if I ordered a basic A350 then added the upgraded parts later. Overall that would be cheaper as well.
It comes as a kit to assemble anyway, so it is relatively easy for the shipper to put together a custom kit in a box or 2.
There will probably be a few common upgraded configurations that are most popular.

For me; my initial kit would be…
Basic bare bones A350
Upgraded rails
Quick change kit
Dual extruder (Can always use just 1 nozzle, but 2nd nozzle will be mostly support filament)
20W laser (40W is a bit overkill for me, 1.6 too light)
Hi speed CNC (Can always dial it down)
Emergency stop button (which SHOULD have been standard anyway)
Enclosure with 2 doors.

From that I will add the rotary if I need it as well as the controller extender.
I don’t want the air purifier as I will make my own with a cyclone as part of the desk for the A350. Too expensive anyway.

Just my $0.02 (Canadian!!)

I think for the A350, the laser should be an option, because many people will want the 10W or the newer 20W/40W, so the 1.6W is going to be in the dust bin, and that cost could be saved. Also it should always include the quick swap kit now, just as the enclosure became a standard bundled item.

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