Changing filament type during a print job

Ok, I have produced several multi color prints by cutting the filament and letting it run out and then putting the new filament in place and proceeding. Has worked well for me as long as I monitor the print job and cut on time. Now I want to not only change color during a print job but also change from PLA to PETG, Which means I must change the head temperature but how do I do this mid print. I’ve thought about making two jobs with the second job starting at the height of the first job but I don’t think that will work well.

You change the temperature mid print by swiping from right to left on the screen and adjust the temperature.

But I’m not sure that PLA & PETG bond well together. Never tried it myself and the Internet seems very divided about the topic.

Print the two separately and glue together?

Or create two identical slices with setting for each filament and then manually split them into two?

I believer there are also ways in Cura to change settings at a certain layer height, but never tried it myself.
If you added a long pause before that change and just watch it.


Just an addition: you don’t need to actually let the first filament run out before running the second filament through if they are both PLA you can simply wait until you are close to the point where you want to switch. Cut the first filament when there is about 6" more to go so that it will continue to load, remove the first spool. Place the second spool and cut the very tip off so you have a fresh clean end just hold it in position to follow the end of the first right through with the two ends “kissing”. You will have no gap and the machine won’t stop and go into “reload” mode. PLA to PLA is easy and seemless( pun intended!)

Now - all that said if switching from PLA to ABS or PETG or vice versa and you need to make the temperature change you can anticipate as you approach the end of the first spool based on how fast your melt temp drops or rises, swipe the screen on the controller (See brdvboss’ comments above) right to get to the controls, tap on bottom right icon for nozzle temp. You have to, of course, do this at your own risk as is with all “forum advice” and estimate how fast or slow the temp changes. I have had success merging two diff types of filament with practice. The trick is estimating the speed of the temperature change. But like a lot of people, I’m not a huge fan of it… Also, remember to get the enclosure shut back up as soon as everything is set in motion so you are not breathing the ABS fumes if that is part of the combo