Dual filament print?

Guys, I am trying to print this. It requires two filaments. One for the first four layers and the other for the remainder.


I have been told that Cura might be my best bet to achieve this with an M600 Gcode command. I finally got Cura up and running and talking to my Artesian. I have set the M600 command as follows:

The printer is supposed to stop and ask for a filament change. It stops but I cannot access the filament change controls to change the filament. This is what I am presented with…

Continue or stop. I can access the Home Screen to get to the filament menu but it won’t allow me to change the filament unless I terminate the job:

How can I get this print done? I thought that was the purpose of a dual extraction system that it would enable jobs like this but I just can’t seem to get this done. I am completely stuck.

Would welcome any advice any of you may have.

Thanks as always.

The real purpose of a dual extrusion system IMO is to allow two-color printing or single color with dissolvable or breakaway supports. As you found out, the firmware is currently not designed to allow midstream unloading and loading of filaments. I’d recommend submitting a support ticket to see if maybe they’ll add that capability to the firmware.

Does Cura allow a stop and start height to be specified for a print job? If so, that’s how you’d have to accomplish what you want at present: have one job that prints the lower layers only, change out the filament, and then run a second job that prints the upper layers only.

I would have thought changing to load and unload filament during a print job a pretty standard function TBO. Surely this is not the only model around that requires different filaments to print. I just assumed this printer would be able to do that as many other printers do.

In relation to Cura, yes this a mechanism to stop the print at a given layer to allow for a filament change. Unfortunately, the while the job will pause, the Snapmaker plugin does not allow for a filament change.

Not sure if I can commence a new job on a given layer with Cura.

Is there a way for me to print this model with my Snapmaker Artisan?

I’m not talking about stopping and restarting a print. I’m talking about doing two separate prints, the second starting on the next layer after the first ended. You should be able to use the firmware unload/load process between prints. I can do that with Simplify3D.

I don’t have Simplify3D (maybe I should buy it), I have a print that has stopped at the right location. I am looking at Cura to see if I can recommence the print at the location so I can re-start it with the right filament.

In the end, I am looking to do as you have recommended. Just trying to find a way within Cura to do that given the filament change option does not work with the Artisan.

At the moment, I am working my way through this…

Doesn’t look like that will work either. Just find it very surprising that, what I would have thought of as basic functionality, requires elaborate workarounds or expensive software. Especially as this is the first time I have tried to print a model I have downloaded.