Can't generate Support: Newbie Question

Hi everyone- first time printer here. I am printing a model with overhand and need supports generated. I see where to select the box in Luban customizable print settings to generate them, however I cannot click it. I’ve tried multiple things (reloading the model, selecting prior to generating G-code, after, etc. I just can’t seem to figure it out. Thanks for your help.

Try to click Customize, then the plus sign to make a new custom profile

Fantastic, thank you MooseJuice! It would have been a LONG time before I stumbled across that.

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anytime, thats what we are here for

its not very intuitive, but the reason is so that you cant mess up their default profiles and have something to fall back on when playing around with things.

have fun!

mine wont change any setting the stopsign is over all the settings luban 3-12-3

have you added a new profile?

where coulkd i generate new profile a added a new pla profile the onli thing i could change is bed en print temp

look at the first picture on this thread click +

clicking customize notting changes

not customise click on + below

it comes on blue and stil cant change anyting

when i click + everithing could be changed thank yuo for helping me out

no problem have fun and stay healthy :mask:

Thank you for the screenshot, it was just what I needed!

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