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So I’m trying to 3D print a miniature that needs supports for his cape. I don’t know how to add supports in the luban software so it can print the mini. Any help is much appreciated

While you are still on luban, here is how it works. (Future software usage will work different)

First hit this customize button


Then, hit this plus to start a new profile


then scroll down to this

luban will generate the supports based on the model

Oh, so that’s what the customize does. Thank you so much

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In the newest version of Luban, 3.13.0 you can add supports manually.
Have not actually printed anything with them yet personally

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Hmm, it seems that the newest version of Luban no longer has the “+” so I can’t figure out how you can add the supports now. I see where now you can open up a bigger window for the filament type and printing options but not how to add in supports unless you had a profile that already had supports. Anyone know how to do that now?

There is a problem with luban installations that involves previous files interfering with things

this whole thread is useful, but this post specifically.

It’s not a bug.
They’ve changed how they handle saving profiles.
Click on the gear and then make a copy of one of the profiles and then you can change it.


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Thanks. I get it now, but it seems like a less efficient way to do that.

I think there’s an extra step that they don’t need, but I think overall it’s an improvement to how you save and recall settings. It’s nice that you can see a preview in the right panel of what the settings are that you’re choosing. The only thing that I don’t like is you still have to choose two different settings for material and print settings. It would be nice if you could just choose one for everything.


And so it shows how preferences can be different. I actually prefer it that way. switch material from PLA to PETG, only those are changed. Change the layer height/quality, no need to play with the temp settings etc. If it’s combined in one profile you need to have a “high-quality PLA” profile and an “high-quality PETG” profile etc. If you then want to make changes to the high quality setting, you need to update it in multiple profiles etc.

Prusa slicer does it similar to Luban and personally I prefer it that way.

I meant to be more clear in saying I’d also like there to be a master choice. I totally get why they separated it and the reason for it.
I do think the differentiation between the two sets of settings is much better handled with the new one.
Really doesn’t matter for me though since I’m using Cura now while I’m considering trying out Prusaslicer.

Simplify3d has pretty stupid way of handling stuff like this

It has main profiles, then it was materials and quality sections

If i am using PLA and want to change to petg, i should just need to change to petg, but many settings such as retraction do not change. coasting and wiping as well.

i also really dislike the lack of a minimum skirt length like cura has and the lack of trees.

on the flip side, cura almost has “too much” setting wise, where simplify3d gives you options and typically just knows what its doing for decent results, which made for me a huge difference in print quality.

its also incredibly awesome to be able to say i want layer 1 at 220, layer 3 at 215, layer 6 at 200, and same with bed and fan speeds… so much flexibility there to take advantage of

now with more time under my belt i am wanting to go back into cura and see what i can pull off.

if s3d ever come out with a new version, im sure it will be implementing what cura has brought to the table with its own spice on it, but thats looking like a real hard if.

Based on your wishlist, Prusa Slicer might be an option for you to try out.

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Forgive me for being ignorant, but I’m really new to all this and learning as I go.

I want to print a model that requires supports because parts of the model hang over the bed. What do you do after printing? Just clip off the supports with the diagonal trimmers?

What settings are best? Everywhere, Touching the baseplate? Lines, Grids, Zig-Zag? I’ve been playing with the settings in Luban, but I can’t really tell which ones would suit my needs best.

If your process is dialed in enough, supports can just pop off and require virtually no cleanup. More often than not though you’re right, you’d clip it off, maybe file or sand it smooth.

No comment on the type. Try them all, see what works for you and your model.

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Yeah, I’m learning a lot by trial and error. Good thing filament is so cheap!

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