Cannot print anything anymore

Last year, when I received my beloved A350, I could print anything with no problem. Default templates, templates downloaded from the web or templates of my own design.

But a year later, I can’t print anything. The more I print, the less successful it becomes. Everything systematically fails.

I’ve done everything I could to make it work. I blamed my problems on humidity, so I bought a filament dryer. I also bought a new hot-end kit and even a new nozzle. I changed the magnetic bed. I followed the posts on this forum to find better print settings and of course tried other filaments, but nothing helped, as you can see.

Am I the only one experiencing this?

It’s hard to know without more info, but just based on the pictures it looks like bed adhesion and possibly over/underheating the bed are both likely culprits. Have you ever printed anything as large as the x-shaped model in the pictures before? The single extruder that comes with the machine is notorious for having bed leveling problems.

It might be helpful if you post the bed leveling routine you use since that’ll be a good discussion starting point.

I’m having issues similar to this but I’m using the dual extruder which is supposed to have sensors to help with this problem. Might not be applicable but you’re free to following along here if it also helps.

On every picture it seems like your z-offset calibration is wrong. It’s way too high and your first layer doesn’t stick.


There’s also the layer shift. What speed are you printing at?

Although the shift is on the Y, which is odd. With two linear modules, it should be difficult to get them to both shift at the same time.

My suspicion would be that @nweolu is right and @loranger printed too high. The print warped, was caught by the nozzle and - as seen many times - was moved together with the print sheet. If you look at the 5th picture, you can see the dislodged print sheet. It looks like layer shift, but actually it is the lost position of the sheet+print.

I’d second @nweolu - try printing lower and see if things improve.

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