Can you change print quality by layer

Not sure if this was ever discussed.
Is there a way to change the print quality by layer, specifically can the last few layers be changed to high quality after running the g-code generator in normal quality?
I think it would be really useful if you can do this on prints you would like to see the top surface to look better than normal quality without having to run the complete job in high quality.
I learned how to add the M600 command at layers to initiate a color change at exact layers so I’m hoping to learn if this is also possible.
Thanks - love the snapmaker.
When is the dual print head going to be available for the 2.0? We keep hearing things but nothing concrete. C’mon already!

Other slicers (Cura, Prusaslicer, superslicer) have this as a feature.
Luban does not. If you want to use options like this I would recommend to use another slicer altogether.

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