Can we engrave on metal?


Sorry if this question has already been asked.
I am interested in purchasing this printer.
Before buying I wanted to know if I can engrave on metal.
I can’t find this information.

You can mark metal with the help of engraving/marking sprays.
It can also remove coatings from metals, but not strong enough to affect metal.
There is a higher powered laser coming out but it’s still only supposed to be 8 watts which is still underpowered for metal.
Look elsewhere.

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It wasn’t clear if you’re talking about the laser or cnc function. For laser see the reply of @sdj544. For cnc, you’ll be able to engrave (with the proper bit) and very shallow cuts. Don’t expect to really mill (hard) metals.

Thanks to @sdj544 .

If you want to engrave on metallic materials, and carve them deeply, Snapamker 2.0 is not the machine you are searching for.

The CNC carving module is about 50 watt and Laser is 1.6 watt, which are too weak to work on metals.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
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Thanks a lot for your answers.
indeed, I did not specify.
I wanted to engrave with the laser.
I had not thought about the cnc milling machine.