Laser Etching on Metal

Hey Guys and Sorry,

Im sure its not the best Question but i couldnt find I couldn’t find anyone who could tell me more precisely.

My question: is it possible with the standard laser from Snapmaker 2.0 to Etching Metal (Stainless Steel…)?
I would like to use it, for example, to label knives (survival, kitchen knives …)

I heard a special spray can improve the quality.
Does anyone have any experience and a few pictures of these experiences?

Thank you Daniel

You can mark stainless but not etch.
Do a search for “stainless” and “dry moly spray lube”
There’s also Cermark Marking Spray but it’s really expensive and haven’t seen where it works any better than the moly.

thanks for the answer but what do you mean with “mark” ?
a Picture would be nice so i can see if it would work for me