Can the SnapMaker 2(or version 1) machine Tin?

I have pre-ordered a snapmaker 2 and it will be arriving est. in June. I’m currently looking at what this machine will be capable of. I have read elsewhere saying that a user attempted milling aluminum and had bent their housing. I was wondering- since Tin has a much lower hardness on the Mohs scale. Anyone have insight into this idea?

While advertising the Snapmaker 2.0, it has been confirmed that it can machine JADE!! Interestingly enough, Jade is at a 6 on the Mohs Hardness scale. That’s pretty hard!! If I were to look up aluminum on the same mohs scale, it currently sits at a 2.75 hardness.

If I am correct in saying this, jade is more hard than aluminum. If this were to be correct, I would be able to machine any material that is lower than a 6.0 on the Mohs Hardness Scale. This goes without saying that there would be a great need for COOLING!

According to their newsletters, the first batch of Snapmaker 2.0 was just shipped out. So you probably gotta wait for a few days before the first wave of reviews come in lol

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Check out the article
Snapmaker 2.0 has a laser similar to the 1600mW one of Snapmaker Original.

I’m looking for information regarding either machine; version one or two. Seeming as though if a version 1 machine were able to mill tin, a version 2 most likely will have equal-to or more oomph. Thanks for the reply!

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I would be using the carving attachment for milling usages. I feel as though a laser would probably nick the surface of some tin and not be super useful for actually machining it.

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I’m new to the forum as well. Sticking around trying to look for more information regarding the second gen. Version 2 should have more power and better efficiency than its predecessor. So I wouoldn’t worry too much in terms of its power. Snapmaker 2 should be able to beat if not match the original.

The original Snapmaker comes with only a 200mW laser, the 2.0 comes with the new 1600nW version. You can add the 1600nW but it is extra for the original.

I have no idea if it will be able to do aluminum, I’ve never tried. however, Aluminum presents a different kind of challenge than jade - namely the bits can clog if you don’t have an active lube system and chip removal system. Maybe some types of aluminum are easier than others… I don’t know.

One thing worth noting is the spindle speed of the cnc is no longer locked at one speed. This can increase the quality, speed, and allowable materials significantly.

I don’t know why people are responding with lasers. You will not be able to do much against aluminum with a laser.

They haven’t really added much about the Snapmaker 2 here on the website. . . I wish I knew why. Maybe there is more info over on the facebook page?

My suggestion is to use the kickstarter page for specifications of the snapmaker 2 models. That’s what I have done.

The company is pretty legit if that’s what you’re worried about… most of what they claimed would be in the Snapmaker during the kickstarter ended up being what was in the finished product, besides the laser power. (They initially claimed a 500mW if I remember, but it ended up being only 200mW, but they released a stronger module post de facto, which I think most people purchased if they cared about laser etch.)

Eventually we will add more info on the website.

Actually it is hard to cut on aluminum even with stronger laser power like 100W while anodized aluminum is possible. As for the CNC spindle speed, we’ve made it adjustable initially (with range of 6000 to 12000RPM), but there is nearly no reason to use the lower RPM. So we still lock it at 12000 RPM on touchscreen, but you can still adjust the RPM through G-code.

Do you happen to know if the Snapmaker 2 will be able to machine aluminum if cooling is allowed?

Yea I’ve seen their kickstarter page and it seems pretty legit. From the post below It’s good to know they will add more info to the official website and here eventually. But I will check more places for more information anyways.