Can the a350 enclosure support the printer?

I was wondering if the arms attached to the enclosure for centering the printer are strong enough to support the weight of the printer itself. I ask because a) if I need to move the printer a very short distance (1-2 feet or to a new table etc) and b) If I want to put down a foam strip along the bottom of the enclosure circumference to help further dampen noise

I only have the A250, but I would not trust that, personally. Even if the enclosure doesn’t deform at those little legs that are tucked under the printer and half-wrapped around the feet, if you shift the wrong way (tilt a little) while moving I think the printer would just fall out.
Can you gently lift one end, slide a board under that extends across and is under the printer not just the enclosure, then ditto on the other side? Use the boards to move the unit then (with help, or after tying them together so they don’t move relative to one another).

Or work some luggage straps or just the flat nylon part of a tie-down (like for a pickup truck bed) underneath. But don’t rachet it down to the point you might bend the enclosure rails.

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