Camera mount for fix view


I’d like to have a static view of the prints, i.e get the camera to follow the Y movement.
I am a bit strugging to find a way to fix it on the bed with a small arm.
Have you seen such examples please?

I reckon the front right corner would be the best.

I have the A350 & enclosure and I attached a standard family security WiFi camera to that. Oriented correctly and with its wide field of view it captures the entire print bed and most of the enclosure height. Easy, squeeze, lemon peazy and pretty cheap. I use the Eufy security system but almost any will work comfortable and well.

I’m using a Wyze camera, same experience. Works very niicely, and I have a Wyze controlled outlet so I can shut down the printer when appropriate.

The print sheet is magnetic. Make a fixture for your camera with magnets in its base.

I just made a variant of this: For Snapmaker 2 Enclosure: Webcam Mount BASE (remix) for TeachingTech's flexible camera mount by DougJoseph - Thingiverse to attach an extra webcam that I had around, and mounted it to the enclosure:

I have it connected to the PC I’m using for octoprint, and run yawcam to have it generate a video feed. It’s OK for just about everything except the tallest prints, when it scrolls out of view.

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All of the mounts that have been shared are nice but other than @eh9 they don’t actually answer the original poster’s question.
He’s asking for a mount that attaches to the bed so that the item being printed stays in position and therefore centered on the object being printed. When you do a time lapse with a camera mounted to the enclosure or the base, you get a lot of bed movement and the actual item is hard to see.
I was looking for one when I first got my SM, and the only one I found was this for the original:

I suggest using tinkercad to design one (or modify this one).
I still have plans to do so but just haven’t had a chance to do it.