Bug in Luban 3.7.0

Hello. There is a bug when trying to use the laser for a vector image in Luban 3.7.0. This happens after loading an image which gives you a choice of three types, when altering the value of the slider for B&W after Vector has been the selected type. Whatever value you give to the slider or typed into the dialogue box, the value of 20 for B&W is returned on a return keypress or a tab keypress and it cannot be set to any other value.

Another error is seen in Luban when selecting Laser and clicking. An error box appears on screen -
"Project Recover — The program quit due to an unknown error (reason). Do you want to want to recover your last project?


Please send me the .SVG file to me and I want to reproduce this issue. This might be caused by some unknown entity.

Looking forward to your reply.
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Hello Edwin;
I think the initial issue is that the error box is displayed as soon as the Laser selection is made. The B&W issue is when any image that is grey scale is loaded. The choice to select the process is offered and then the B&W slider does not seem particularly responsive. I tried to attach the relevant files.

Henna Vector

Something about my other two files will not let me upload them here… I will give you some links to my public dropbox.

This SVG is not a normal one. Drag the image file into a new tab, and you can see the browser will parse it. And you can get the origin .JPEG file via the web page.

Please refer to this video:

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Thanks for investigating that. I must try to better understand why some .svg files are not liked by the software.

I still do not understand why the error box appears as soon as any attempt to select the laser option in Luban 3.7.0 is made.