Breakaway Support

I feel like I’m missing something that’s basic. I need to print a part that has a large section of unsupported area. (Kind of like a wing) I’m using duel extrusion (Artisan), I have PLA on 1 side and the breakaway material on the other side. Sometimes I can import the STL into Luban and it automatically recognizes that it need to use the breakaway material and it will generate the cylindrical support structure without prompting. I can go through the process at a later date importing the exact same STL file and it will not automatically generate the Breakaway Support. I have no idea as to how to instruct Luban to build the Breakaway Support cylinder.


Its not that it notices the material by default it has to start with something loaded so its whatever you used last, if its a fresh Luban install its what comes with the duel printhead, when you open the default profile and make changes to the perameters to system and don’t save those changes into a new “fork” of the default those settings “reset” which is why each of the 4 default profiles Normal Fast Smooth and Precise are also forks. I hope I explained how to fix your issue sufficiently with the why it happens, because I had to ask about it too

Thank you so much for responding! A couple different times now. I appreciate it. I’m new to 3d printing and just trying to figure stuff out.

So, I must confess that I’m not entirely sure I followed everything you wrote about. But I think I understood you to say: There are for basic build options. Within each of those build options one can customize. Once customized setting are changed? Hope I didn’t screw that up too badly…

That said, I still don’t know how to instruct Luban to generate G-code that uses the Breakaway material (Loaded in the Right Extruder) when I have geometry that is unsupported.

Sometimes I import geometry and it automatically puts the cylinder in. Other times (even with the same file on a re import it won’t put the cylinder in it.

The image is obviously showing where Luban did add the cylindrical tower for Breakaway Support. I just can’t constantly expect Luban to incorporate it.

Want to learn how to do that.