Bed support for the 350

Where can I buy the bed support for the snapmaker 350 these people are really bad at trying to explain to them that the screw broke off and I cannot level it right and I’m not asking for a warranty because that’s just too much hassle I just want to know where I could buy cash and it’s even harder to do that does anyone know where I can buy one thank u I got one snapmaker 351 the other snapmaker original with inclosure I got the rotary module and I bought the 10 W laser and they still can’t help me I don’t understand I send the pictures and the said It’s resolved I haven’t heard from them so they resolved it thinking it already got it update I just saw the other side of the bed there’s also a crack so either way I still have a crack on the other said so I do need to replace it and this is from the clamp screws going from the top to the bottom and it’s hitting the bed support I mostly use it for CNC like I said I don’t care about the warranty I’ll pay cash just need a replacement don’t wanna go through the hassle i been going through for the last past 6 months

Gotta email support. Last I saw someone said it’s like $30 for the replacement, might as well buy 2. Shipping was like $15 or something.

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Its called bed-platform, you have to email

Did that 3 times thats y I’m asking for help on here in 6 months they email me back saying it’s resolved

Thank u for the help but Tried that 3 times and Every time they say it’s resolved and they’ll call me never got a phone call from them I like snapmaker a lot I don’t got a problem with it so Thats why I keep buying just asking for help thank u again

And thank u for the help and ok Bed platform thanks again


@SpIdEr An idea springs to mind that could help you as a last resort if you can’t get support to send you a replacement. Dismantle the bed-platform and take it to a local garage or engineering works who will have the tools to weld the aluminum and drill out the broken screw plus redo the thread. It may cost you a little bit more and get you back on track with printing.

Or just ignore it. One less screw isn’t going to make much of a difference.

Or drill it out and use a longer screw and a nut.



Looking at you – I want to create something with my hands as well. Thanks for the motivation, dude

I just don’t want it to be off level for 3-D printing I don’t care about CNC or laser just just 3-D printing Has to be all level or it won’t do the first layer right you get me or I’m wrong ?? we’ll it still work with it being off level ??! And thank u for your help