Bed leveling too close or too far away

I have been getting excellent prints for about a year now, but now all of the sudden I can’t seem to get dialed in. Not sure what I’m getting wrong on the leveling. Does this look like I’m leveling too close or too far. On the last position of auto leveling when is the best point to stop? When it just touches the calibration card or 1 or 2 points till it won’t move at all.

Too close.

Your can refer to the bottom section here “Interpreting Results”

Particularly this graphic

You’ll have to feel it out for the right tension, but a close guess will be just enough tension a wave pushed into the card will hold but can be pulled easily.

Thank you. That’s what I have been needing.

New user here so take this with a grain of salt. But I use the snapmaker calibration card with the instructions above and am finding that I still need to adjust the Z offset manually by .15 - .2mm.

interesting, that shouldn’t be the case, seems like you might be suffering from something like this?

where the tension on the card is different at different points on the bed?

Thanks for the reply. I am seeing low spots on the bed throughout the area. Assuming the stickers wear down and need to be replaced or is this an indication of a greater problem?

bed levelling is supposed to cope with variances.

imho if you are seeing low spots where you would need to make a manual correction of 0.05 or more there is an issue, for me i see the issue on glass, stock surface and energetic pei surface.

on the stock surface the automatic sensor measures the metal below the sticker, not the sticker - so i guess its possible that the sticker and its glue have different deformation to the metal… you could account for this by doing manual calibration as the reference point is then the actual surface at each point, not the metal beneath it. Have you tried that?

might want to look at this where we are talking about another similar issue

Teaching Tech Calibration Gcode - Snapmaker 2.0 - Snapmaker: where creation happens

personally i have my card one at one stop above tension and i am getting ok results in the center.