Bed heating area set from luban workspace

I can choose the bed heating area, when starting the print from the printer. I cannot find this option in Luban, when starting the print from the workspace. If this option is there, then it is well hidden from me. I am not able to find any resources anywhere around the web on this subject (the lack of any good resources regarding snapmaker products is overwhelming, and especially for the Artisan, even the official tutorials are using old UI, or Snapmaker 2.0, or no longer existing features).

If this feature is not there, starting any smaller area prints from Luban is not very viable.

If this feature is only present if I am using Luban slicer, then I can live with that explanation (I am not using Luban slicer, as I could not get any good prints using it, or the slicer would never actually finish slicing, or extremely long slicing)