Bed fell off SM2

I had the problem several times, i printed with about 60mm/s and the magnetic bed fell off.
Now i have fixed it with clamps. I was not there and haven´t seen it, but it happend with calibrated and bad calibrated bed.- I think the mechanic rocks off the bed.
Anyone seen this issue?

If the nozzle catches it can push it. Push it in the X direction and then it could catch on the Z modules. I haven’t seen it.

I have met the similar cases before. Two potential causes:

  • The calibration is bad, and the Z-offset value is too small. The nozzle will scratch the print sheet and pull it off. You can set a larger Z-offset when you adjust the final point.
  • If a large and tall model does not have the supporting structure, the model and the print sheet will be pull off as well when the model goes high.

Please take care of this issue, the nozzle may gouge the heated bed if the print sheet is gone. That will be terrible.