Auto shutdown/standby after job finishes

I really think an auto shutdown (or standby mode) would be good so that when a print is left going overnight, or while out for the day, the machine powers down after the job is finished. It could be after no activity for 30 minutes, if not immediately.

The linear modules on my A250 get a little warm while printing (not worryingly), but they stay warm until the machine is switched off, so if I leave a 4 hour print going overnight, the modules are generating heat as well as the lights on the touchscreen and power unit for another 4 hours or so for no reason!


While you can’t turn off the PSU remotely, you can put some gcode at the end of your prints to turn off the stepper motors. If you plan to leave something running, add


to the end of the file, this turns the steppers off. There IS gcode to control the touchscreen/4-pin/8-pin lines, and can be run from Luban, but the machine seems to ignore them if running the code directly so you can’t use them. (however, it may work if you use say, octoprint via USB)

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That’s good to know. I might add that to all the bits I print regularly.
I can’t do anything via Luban though as I only print stuff direct from the touchscreen/USB stick (printer’s at home and computer’s at work).

Octoprint has code to control a relay to turn off the PSU (via a relay). Also code for temp sensor to also cut power.

I’ve never looked into octoprint, but doesn’t that just mean another device would need to be connected to the printer, and therefore that left on too?

Well a USB powered raspberry pi wouldn’t be a concern IMO. I have several running 24/7/365 performing various tasks/automations around the home.

Well no, but when we’ve spent a 4 figure sum on a device, I don’t really think we should have to invest in any more kit (no matter how cheap it may be), just to power it down. Why can’t they just build it into the firmware?

Firmware ISN’T going to turn off a physical switch. Maybe you can invest in a $2 wall timer. I think you’re overthinking it. Besides, as a rule, you should never leave your printer running unattended.

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I also enjoy working with electronics, so I made a unit that shuts down when the stepping motor stops.
Stops 5 minutes after printing.

Care to share some info on how?

Attached is the circuit diagram.
Put the mic under the stage.
It samples the operating sound and shuts down 5 minutes after the stepping motor stops.
Make a simple program to MPU (PIC).

That is a great idea actually.
I’ve seen the electronic circuit that Sei has put together and whilst it does the job I wonder if an alternative approach involving the CAN Bus could achieve the same outcome in a simpler way.
basically the last line of the Gcode would park the head (send it home) and then send a signal through a spare (unused) port on the Bus to some sort of relay to turn off the power… Would that work?

I’ve just gone into some files to try adding the M18 at the end, and got a little curious, so did a quick search to see what some of this stuff means.
First off, if I put an M18 at the end, will I have to add anything, like M17, at the beginning of files to enable them again? I guess I’ll find out later, but thought I’d ask.
Also, I found M0 and M1, for stop or sleep. Any reason not to use these at the end instead of M18?

A little beyond my electronics skills I think, but very cool!

I gave up on using the CAM bus because I’m not familiar with GCode.
The reason I used a microphone is because I don’t want to modify the printer and its versatility.
It would be easier if GCode could detect a stop signal on the port.

I was going to use octoprints ‘end print’ event to trigger a switchable powerboard to get it to switch off. Havent dont it yet but will soon. Ive noticed the wattage usage of the SM is around 45w when it powers up but gets up to around 250w during a print and stays there even once its finished. I was expecting it to drop back to 45w once the print ended but sadly no.

I tried the M18, but it didn’t seem to make any difference. The modules were still warm 3/4 hours after the print ended.

I added it as per the image below. Was that correct?

I have a camera installed watching the workspace of my A350. I also put a wifi controlled plug between the electrical outlet and de A350 plug. This does not only allow me to follow the printing proces at distance but also to switch off the machine when finished.

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Have a wifi magnetic door sensor stuck to the front of the head, and when it goes HOME, it makes (magnetic) contact with its sensor pair (side of cabinet) and makes a closed circuit. I have Alexa monitor the close operation of the sensor, and then it runs a routine to turn off a wifi power plug…which the SM2 PSU is connected to. I always assume that HOME…it has finished the job ! Maybe a bad assumption, but does seem to work :slight_smile:

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Sorry I haven’t been around, but yes, that should work. I tested on my machine and before I ran the program, I can’t move the toolhead by pushing on it (X is powered, thus locked). After running a program with M18, I could move the X axis by pushing it (X is now unpowered, and not locked).