Auto leveling not checking most of the print surface

running the auto level for the 3D printer it hits the corner right for space 1 and is centered for 2. 3 is inset from the right hand edge by half the square 6 is the same 9, 8, 7 are all inset from both right edge and back edge to the point it is almost in the center squares. 4 is inset from the left edge by half the grid square. And five is almost in the lower left hand grid square where 1 starts.

The sensor is offset from the print nozzle and that is what is checking the surface. Are you taking that into consideration? If you do a manual level it will move the nozzle to those grid points. Is it more centered in that case?

that would account for a bit of offset on the right hand side but not the growing offset in back and on the left hand side. I will have to look up how to do a maual leveling and try that. I do know on of the areas that it does not check is where I have had issue printing the nozzle lifts up when it nears 6 causing print failure

Please update the firmware to the latest version first and then enable manual calibration. @Edwin can help you here as well.

updated firmware and ran manual calibration adhesion seemed worse after doing so. I ran the auto leveling again and it worked better. adhesion is still spotty at best and filament is flattened when calibrated as per instructions and often dragged by the tip

if you are having adhesion problems have you tried any of the following?

  • increase bed temp (I use 55 -60 for PLA)
  • increase nozzle temp (I print at 190C for PLA but this will vary depending on brand of filament and your nozzle material if you are no longer using the included brass)
  • slow print speed (I had adhesion issues for a bit initially and slowed my first layer down to 15mm/s, worked great)
  • Live adjust Z-offset lower (I generally print a skirt so that I can adjust my Z-offset before the print starts, I look for the lines printed to be squished and joined well with no gaps in-between)
  • Finally, have you tried using an adhesion medium such as 3DLac spray, hairspray, gluestick or painters tape? Once I started using 3DLac I upped my first layer speed to 30mm/s with no problems.