Auto bed leveling with glass bed

Any tricks to get the auto bed leveling with the built-in inductive (?) sensor on the glass bed?

thanks, I have seen this before but don’t understand how exactly it works. It looks like assistance in manual leveling.
I am more interested in the method where the inbuilt sensor can be used on glass bed.

What it is, is a device that triggers the auto-level sensor when the device physically touches the bed.

The idea is that it puts a small piece of foil or sheet metal at the end of a plunger that sticks down below the sensor and just out of range of it. When the end of the plunger touches the bed, it’s pushed up toward the sensor and triggers it. So it tricks the sensor into “sensing” a non-metallic bed by putting a piece of metal in the way. You can acheive a similar effect by placing something metallic on top of the bed (foil, sheet metal, or even strategically-placed coins if your country’s currency is uniform enough).

As I understand it, these tricks work because only the height of the last point probed—the one you adjust manually with the card—is treated as an absolute offset, and the other points are dealt with relative to where the probe stopped on the last point before the manual adjustment.

Thank you very much for the explanation. That’s a very creative approach. It is a pity that the file is not available anymore on Thingiverse which probably has an explanation on how it works.
I found the fusion files for the same somewhere on the forum, will give it a try soon.