Auto bed leveling mod?

Has anyone tried building a mod to add auto bed leveling function to Snapmaker? I would assume adding a sensor and changing the firmware to make use of the sensor to auto calibrate would be too much work. May be Snapmaker team should consider releasing a small sensor module that can be attached beside the existing 3D print module / CNC module / Laser Engraving module, which can be plugged into the additional spare port in the controller, and release a firmware that is aware of this sensor and is capable of auto calibrating the bed.

Snapmaker being a versatile machine which can do more than just 3D printing, I would assume that majority of users keep changing the beds and modules very often. At least I feel that re-calibrating the bed every time is very cumbersome. I hope there are many who would agree with me. I sincerely request that Snapmaker considers developing and releasing an add-on module to add auto bed leveling functionality.

Having requested that, has anyone tried building an easy solution that would help achieve accurate bed leveling specifically for Snapmaker? May be something that involves using a dial indicator or something like that? Any ideas are welcome as well. We can try building it together.


Are you having to level every print because the print is failing or some other reason? I can go a few prints without losing level, even carry my printer and it won’t lose it. I have some threadlovk on the bed screws and didn’t overtighten. Also, I print a 3mm raft as my first layer with the bed at 65* with the cooling fan off. The raft then prints 2 layers at 2mm, and the fan turns on at 70% at 7mm. I’m using cura and before I was using cura, I had so many troubles that it didn’t matter how much bed adjusting I did, it was just warping and jamming on the nozzle.

I’m also looking to do an auto-level but wanted to use the HC-SR04, but the measurement increment doesn’t seem accurate enough. :frowning:

I’d probably have a better shot at accuracy using a solenoid that touches the bed and when it touches the bed, have a sensor recognize the resistance and adjust the Z height based on the print’s first layer height setting.

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I’ve seen a few printers add a matrix grid to their heated bed plates. Snapmaker could simply change their pattern on the sticker, and offer a software update compatible with BLTouch proximity sensors - reading each point and calculating the position accurately. As for a mount, this could be 3d printed.

Though it would not be as efficient as modifications to the module itself, it would be cost-effective and offer the same capabilities as other printers on the market.