Assembly Equipment of worst quality and wrong screws/foots


I received my Snapmaker, I backed on kickstarter, this week, and just assembled it. During this I had some trouble with the provided screws and tools.

  • The foots cannot be screwed with the provided M4x8 screws. Either the foots are too thick, or the screws too short. I used M4x10 screws, which worked
  • The screws are the worst screws, I ever had used. The provided screw driver slipped on every second screw, so there is too much tolerance on the screw head. Even my Wera tools slipped, I guess the metal of the screws is low quality
  • Let’s not even talk about the horrible provided screw driver…
  • I read about a dirt catcher like a broom on the linear modules. This might be a good idea to prevent graving dirt and dust to get into the mechanics

Maybe there is a possibility to improve the quality of the screws. All the other components of the Snapmaker seem to be rock solid.

@Orikson regarding the feet, flip them so the wider part is on the base plate while the tapered end is on the desk. Then the M4x8 screws will fit.

Don’t get me wrong, but I know how these kind of foots work and of course I’m having the wider part on the base plate :wink:

Strange, my M4x8 works 100%

Maybe I have a different kind of feets? Mine are 16 mm high and the M4x8 fits on non of the feet. See the attatched Image, left M4x8, right M4x10

My machine is printing a 30 hour print at the moment. I will send photos tomorrow of the feet and screws with dimensions. I must say, the screws are not sticking out on the top


Can I suggest you check the rubber feet? Inside the feet, there is a washer. I believe this washer of yours are not going in deep enough. Following are some photos of my feet with the M4x8.

The feet will compress as you screw them in, so you shouldn’t have any problem getting the M4x8 screws deep enough. I used Loctite 243 on all screws going into metal during the build to make sure they stay put.


Orikson, did you get a resolution for this? I’m encountering the same issue, except even worse - only the tiniest sliver of the m4 8 screw is protruding from the bottom of the foot :frowning:

@Waldo: I don’t think the washer inside the feet is the problem. I screwed the feet with my M4x10 screws very tight, so the washers should be where they belong. But it seems that your feets are 2 mm lower, which could be the problem.
@TheBum: The feet compess, but not enough. I put all my weight on it while trying to screw the provided M4x8 screws. But I’m sure this will tear out the thread, because the screw is only tightend with one turn.
@samandiriel: I used my own M4x10 screws which are long enough

Thanks @Orikson. I don’t really want to have to go buy some oddball size screw, but I suppose needs must when the devil drives :frowning:

@samandiriel: I don’t see why a M4x10 screw is a oddball size, there is nothing unusual about this. Every hardware store should have this in packs of 10

@Orikson: oddball only in that they’re not something the average person has on hand (at least, no one I know does) and so I’d have to go out and get some especially just for putting together my snapmaker and would be most unlikely to use up any extras (seeing as this is the first time in my life I’ve ever had to get any)

And in the US, we’re still on the Imperial measurement system, so metric pickings are few and far between locally.